They don't call me Bad Joan for nothing, I looooooove to eat!  Some of my friends even call me a human garbage disposal.  What can I say except I have an intense relationship with food.  I like everything from the most fattening foods to the healthiest, I don't discriminate! 

BUT as much as I love to eat anything and everything my body doesn't love me when I eat poorly.  I have a very sensitive stomach so when I eat crap I feel crappy!

In recent years I have started to cook for myself more and more.  I used to work from home and cooking for myself started as a way to save money.  But when you are cooking for 1 you can end up wasting more money than you are saving.  A lot of recipes are designed to feed a large group.  Or sometimes you just need a small amount of 1 ingredient and then you end up throwing the rest away because you don't know what else to cook with it.  So I had to get more and more creative in order to cook fresh, healthy food while still saving money and only feeding one mouth. 

In this blog you will find recipes that start to build on each other.  The way I cook is designed for a single person to fill out their week with healthy, home cooked food and also make use of all the odds and ends that you didn't end up using in other recipes.  However, as I mentioned above, I don't discriminate and neither do the recipes.  If you are part of a couple or a family then you will probably just use most of these recipes for one sitting as opposed to eating the leftovers in creative ways throughout the week.  No matter what your living status is, you will find ways to use up the odds and ends that you have in your refrigerator.

In addition to making use of leftover items, I like to make my calories count!  You need calories to function, calories equal energy.  But what are your calories made up of?  So much of what we eat is packed with preservatives and chemicals.  If we are what we eat then maybe we should stop and think about what we are eating?  I'm not perfect, I eat out and I eat some junk food, BUT I try to have the majority of my meals be ones that I cooked for myself.  And when I cook for myself my goal is to eat foods that are high in nutritional value and low in preservatives, sodium, and ingredients that I cannot pronounce.... and of course be delicious!

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope that you will enjoy the recipes and tips that I have to share with you!

GTBB (Good To Be Bad),
Bad Joan

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Photo credit: Erica Bardin