Friday, September 2, 2011


It's not carbs that are the devil, it's flour.   Wheat, white, and all-purpose flour are all delicious but they are just empty calories, they don't have nutrients that your body can use.  Which is why you should eat sprouted grain bread.  Sprouted grain breads are made from whole grains, they do not have flour, they are easier for your body to digest and breakdown, and they are much higher in vitamins and fiber.  In other words, they are made up of carbs and calories that your body can use!

I will admit that a lot of sprouted grain breads taste like cardboard.  But I found a brand that I really like, Alvarado Street Bakery.  They offer several different types of sliced bread including whole wheat, sourdough and multi grain, and they are all delicious.  This makes the perfect sandwich bread so at the very least when you are at home making your own meal you can make a better choice for yourself! 

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